Perfect digital labels for your business

Benefits of digital labels

Digital labels can be over laminated or varnished to protect the label from any chemical damage (cosmetics or/and food)


Digital labels can be printed to a maximum size of 600mm (length) x 200mm (width)


Oils, creams, foot and hand care products, bath soaps, perfumes, hair products, make-up, aromatherapy/herbal products, shower gels/creams, tester and sample labels.


Food and Drink:

Preserves and jams, Cakes, bakery produce (bread rolls etc), wine and beer bottles, juice bottles, tea and coffee packaging, fresh produce like meats and fish, sauces


Packaging and special labels:

Blank labels in any colour, warning labels, informational labels, digital pictures or specific promotional stickers, corporate labels for small and large businesses.


We provide labels for many large and small companies throughout Chelmsford and Essex.

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